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Learning about the Creator by creating animation.

Kids love VBS…until they don’t. If you’ve worked with tweens and teens you know exactly what I mean. The same things that attract young kids to VBS, repel them as they get older. Animation Bible Camp delivers engaging, Bible-based programs that will meet middle school and high school students on their level.

Camp Products

Animation Bible Camp products provide most of what you’ll need to host your own camp. All the materials are designed to be easy to use – so you can focus on sharing the Gospel. No animation experience is necessary. Enjoy themed Bible lessons, promotional materials, shirts, animation resources, and more.

Camper Films

Animation Bible Camp’s focus is giving away the Gospel. One way that is done it by sharing completed films. Here are some of the films that have been created through Animation Bible Camps.

Interested in creating an Animation Bible Camp in your church or community? Here’s how.

Just like Moses parted the red sea, God gave him the talent to prevail. Are you ready to spread your wings of faith and make films to inspire others?

The Brain Trust

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Not All Inspirational Stories Should Be Made Into Films

When it comes to writing a solid script, the journey is often more important than the destination. To make this particular story hold an audience’s attention for 90-plus minutes, a writer would have to take creative license and expand the conflict to make the film work.  This is when you see those clever Hollywood phrases such as “based on” or “inspired by” true events.

WV Business Plan Competition – Round 2

Animation Bible Camp submitted a business plan for the second round of the WV Business Plan Competition. Lessons learned through research and organizing thoughts on paper have already proven to valuable. Success in round two will place Animation Bible Camp in the third and final round of the competition. Prayers for continued success and that this exercise will lead to additional resources that will help spread the Gospel of Jesus.

Animation Basics – With Crafsman

For anyone who is new to the world of animation - this Craftsman video is especially helpful. It provides the basics of stop-motion animation, which is the style of animation used in most Animation Bible Camps.

Story Part 2 – Robert Tinnell

Developing your stories doesn’t begin and end with inspiration from the work of others –
whether books, movies or whatever. It also starts with you. With your experiences. There’s an
old saying – “Write what you know.” And that is true – although they also say “just because it
happened to you doesn’t make it interesting!”

Welcome to Animation Bible Camp!

While Animation Bible Camp isn’t new - it is definitely in a new season. These are exciting times and I’m thrilled you are here to share them.

Story – Part 1

As a working screenwriter and director, I am often surprised at one question I get all the time – and that is, “what software do you use?”  And my response is generally simple: who cares?  Software is not going to do the heavy lifting.  Software makes formatting...

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